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SON 31, 5'9", Flight Lt.(PAF), (divorcee) demand MBBS, BDS, from Army family. Son 35, 6ft, CA, Canadian citizen. MRS. KHAWAJA: 0315-5185705, 051-5856438.

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SON 24, BS Electric Engineer, Rajput, businessman. Son of Maj. General 5'10", doctor, demanding equal status. MRS. KHAWAJA: 0336-0518518, 051-5856438.Read more


ELITE Class family residing in most posh & exclusive locality in Lahore, requires suitable proposals from well established family for their only son, handsome, age 28, 6 feet tall, who is UK qualified Barrister from Lincolns Inn (Bar At Law) and well settled, owns world ranking business law firm in Pakistan. Only interested parties may contact at Email: ranatower432@outlook.comRead more


DAUGHTER 25, 5'5", American citizen, MBBS, highly educated family. Daughter 23, Canadian citizen, MBBS, parents also doctor. Daughter, British National, MBBS, pretty. Daughter 23, 5'6", Software Engineering NUST. Daughter 23, 5'7", Malik Awan, BDS. Daughter 25, 5'6", O/A level, MBA LUMS, father bureaucrat. Daughter 24, tall, Rajput, O/A level, bachelor Textile Designing (NCA). Daughter 22, Kashmiri, Electrical Engineering (FAST). Daughter 24, Syed Sunni, MBBS. Daughter 26, Arain, O/A level, Telecom Engineer, job multinational. Daughter 27, Syed Shia, Chartered Accountant. Daughter 28, Beautiful CSS Officer. Daughter 28, 5'4", divorced, MBBS. BANDHAN HOUSE, Mrs. Attia (Director) 051-2111230, 051-2111229, 0300-5553137.Read more