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LADY Doctor 26 PG training (Gynae) 5'6", Syed Sunni doctors family requiring compatible well established match urgently. MRS. KHAWAJA: 0315-5185705.

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ALL castes, local & abroad, decent marriage proposals available. ENGR. HAFIZ NAVEED ARAIN Marriage Consultant. 0300-0986486, more


22 Years of trusted matrimonial services of MRS. KHAWAJA. We guarantee satisfaction as we match better. DEFENCE Islamabad, LinkedIn / Viber / WatsApp / Youtube / Instagram / Twitter / facebook / 0315-5185705, 0336-0518518.Read more


DAUGHTER 20, 5'7", BDS, 2nd year, Gujjar, USA citizen, needing Gujjar match, preferably Army Officer. Daughter 22, Kashmiri, Canadian citizen. MRS. KHAWAJA: 0315-5185705.Read more