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ELITE Class Decent, Educated Doctors, Engineers, Bureaucrats, Industrialists, landlords, late and divorced too. For decent matches contact (Jafar Jafary) 0321-2189248.

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MATCH required for my son engineer master UK, age 31 years, job in UAE, height 5 ft 6 inch, Syed, Sunni, Urdu speaking family. Call & WhatsApp 03030341689Read more


PROPERTY custodian if you have valid property documentary evidence but your property is not in your possession and encroached by stranger we help you legally we are also look after your property if anyone outside country on nominal charges - we also deal Rent matters pl contact WhatsApp 03333858511.Read more


ALMUQQADAS BUREAU for noble sincere and suitable matching only serious parents. Contact with confidence daily contact 0345-8096551, 0317-3749789 Laeeq.Read more