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PUBLIC Auction Before: Mr. Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah (Judge) Banking Court No. IV, Karachi, Block-3-B, Second floor, A.M Area, Pakistan Secretariat, Saddar, Karachi. Suit No. 275 of 2008, Execution No. 168 of 2010 Faysal Bank Limited, Formerly (Royal Bank of Scotland) Abdullah Haroon Road Karachi..... Decree Holder Versus Syed Amir Halim S/o Syed Abdul Halim R/o Flat No. D-106, Saima Pride Main Rashid Minhas Road Karachi... Judgment Debtor Notice is hereby given that under Order 21 Rule 64 CPC 1908 order has been passed by Banking Court for sale of attached Property mentioned in schedule hereunderin satisfaction of claim of Rs: 2159585.97/- with future markup and costs. The undersigned will sale by way of Public Auction on 23-11-2017 at Banking Court No. IV Karachi at 11:00 AM. Mortgaged Property / Properties. Flat No. 14, Type A1, Ground floor, Project Madina Blessing on Sub Plot No. 266/14 Block-I, of Plot No. 266, Deh Okewari Tapo Drig Road Taluka District East, Gulistane Johar Scheme No. 36 Karachi admeasuring 170.96 square yards. Market Value Property About Rs. 10,000,000/- Forced Sale Value Property About Rs. 8,000,000/- Terms & Conditions 1. Property will be auctioned on condition, "As is where is Basis". 2. All taxes utility charges, Government, Semi Government, charges Revenue and 10% withholding charges tax will be paid by auction purchaser in respect of aforesaid property. 3. Person declared to be highest bidder / purchaser shall deposit immediately 25% in pay order in name of Judge Banking Court No. IV, along with photocopy of CNIC of amount of this purchase price with undersigned. No cheque and no old payorder of 25% will be accepted. 4. The balance of purchase amount shall be paid by purchaser before Court closes on 15th day after sale of property in default of payment of balance purchase money within prescribed period 25 % may be forfeited. 5. The sale shall be subject to confirmation by court. 6. The undersigned reserves right to cancel auction or not to accept any bid even if it is highest and to cancel auction at any time. Dated 11th Oct 2017. By Order (Ishafaque Ali Khokhar) Nazir Banking Court IV, Karachi.

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