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MY client has contacted to purchase Residential Plot No. F-74/3, measuring 548.73 square yards, with double storey Bungalow thereon, situated in Block 8, K.D.A Scheme No. 5, Clifton, Karachi, with vacant and peaceful possession thereof, with a clear, valid and legal marketable title, free from all claims, liens, charges, mortgages, encumbrances, attachments, disputes, dues, litigations, etc, with all the rights and interests attached thereto, from its owner Mrs. Mumtaz Bano W/o Mr. Muhammad lqbal, holding CNIC No. 42301-6858666-6, resident of Karachi. Any legal or natural person(s), banks, leasing company, body, financial institute, loan advancing agency, authority / government and Semi Government Departments, Mukhtiarkar concerned K.D.A having any right and interest, claim, objection over the above mentioned property / plot of land or to this sale transaction should notify the under-signed, the concerned Sub Registrar, Mukhtiarkar and Assistant Commissioner, with documentary proof through registered A.D. and TCS within 7 days from the date hereof, failing which all claims and objections of what-so-ever nature shall be deemed to have been waived and the sale transaction of the above mentioned property / plot of land, shall be completed and finalized through execution and registration of the conveyance deed of the above mentioned property / plot of land in favor of my client. (Mr. Mohammed Amin Advocate High Courts, 418, Grain Centre, Opposite City Courts, Karachi. Tel: 32736989 Cell: 0321-9284187).

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PUBLIC Auction Before: Mr. Muhammad Saad Qureshi (Judge) Banking Court No. III, Karachi, Block No. 54, Pak Secretariat, Saddar, Karachi. Suit No. 25 of 2013, Execution No. 42 of 2015 JS Bank Limited, Office at Shaheen Commercial Complex Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road Karachi..... D.H Versus Muhammad Jamal Anwar S/o Muhammad Iqbal Anwar R/o House No. P-612, Mohallah Sarfraz Colony, Faisalabad...... Judgment Debtor Notice is hereby given that under Order 21 Rule 64 CPC 1908, an order has been passed by Banking Court for sale of the attached mortgaged Property mentioned in the Schedule hereunder in satisfaction of the claim of Rs: 4858246/- with costs and cost of fund. The undersigned will sale by way of Public Auction the below mentioned immovable property of Judgement Debtors on 05-09-2018 at he premises where the mortgage property is available at House No. P-612, Mohallah Sarfraz Colony, Khasra No. 24/10, Murabba No. 20, Khewat No. 15735, Khatooni No. 24602, Chak No. 224-R.B, Tehsil and District Faisalabad at 1:00 P.M. Schedule of the mortgaged immovable property. House No. P-612, Mohalah Sarfraz Colony, Admeasuring 5 Marlas, Khasra No. 24/10, Murabba No. 20, Khewat No. 15735, Khatooni No. 24602, Chak No. 224-R.B, Tehsil and District Faisalabad. Subject to the following Terms & Conditions 1. Property will be auctioned on condition, "As is where is Basis" at the premises mortgaged. 2. The Market Value of the property is fixed at Rs. 7,000,000/- and the forced sale value at Rs. 5,600,000/- 3. The Person declared to be the highest bidder / purchaser shall deposit immediately 25% of the amount of this purchase price / money through pay order in the name of Judge Banking Court No. III, Karachi along with photocopy of CNIC with the Nazir of the Court. No Cheque or Cash of 25% will be accepted. 4. All the taxes will be borne by Auction Purchaser. 5. The balance of the purchase price / money shall be paid by the submitted bidder / purchaser before the Court closes on 15th day from date of Auction. 6. The sale shall be subject to confirmation by the court. 7. The Court reserves right to cancel the auction or not to accept any bid even if it is the highest at any time. Given under my hand and the seal of the Banking Court No. III, this 10th day of July, 2018. By order (Fida Hussain Soomro) Acting Nazir Banking Court No. III, Karachi.

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